Men Rising is an initiative that grew out of men around the world responding to the call to end violence against ALL women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender based violence).

It recognizes that violence against women can only be addressed by engaging men. Rising events involve men and boys on an unprecedented scale – with men committing to doing everything in their power to be part of the solution to end violence. Throughout V-Day and One Billion Risings’ mass grassroots movement, men have organized, gathered, and mobilized other men to:

  • Join the movement to end violence against ALL women and girls

  • Encourage their peers to stop the abuse and to speak up about the rights of women and girls

  • Hold space to reflect and transform their own relationships to male privilege and patriarchy

  • Treat women with respect, dignity and equality

  • Commit to bringing attention to the rights of women

  • Stand and rise for justice and dignity for all women

  • Rise against all forms of patriarchy

  • Fight for social justice for all women and girls

V-Day and One Billion Rising have seen groundbreaking, transformative initiatives led and organized by men, serving as an inspiration for other men around the world to be part of the radical shift in consciousness in how women and girls are treated and seen on the community and global level.

Men Rising will continue as a dynamic and essential part of the global call to revolution.

ALL mEn can join the effort. Here’s what you can do:

Utilize Art to Start a Dialogue Among Your Friends, Communities, and Networks.

Watch, Share, & Discuss the video of Like a Woman by Ryan Amador

Film your own “Like a Woman” tribute video. These video and photographic tributes are meant to inspire men to step back and appreciate the women in their lives while recognizing their own privilege and reconsidering what it means to live as a man in our world.  Share on social media using the hashtag #LikeAWoman.

Spread the Word - share the “Like a Woman” video.

Watch and Discuss “Dismantle” by The Archduke.

Eve Ensler created this piece entitled Man Prayer, Watch, Share & Discuss the video with your friends, communities & networks.

Join the Global Movement of Activists Working to end Violence against all women and girls. Produce an Event in Your Community:


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