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Calling Men Into the Movement

On International Women’s Day, singer/songwriter Ryan Amador and One Billion Rising release “Like a Woman” to call men into the movement to end violence against all women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence). “Like a Woman” is produced by Hanan Rubinstein and the video directed by Sekou Luke. Kike Jiménez finalist of The Voice Mexico) and Sean O’Connell have recorded “Mujer Valiente,” the Spanish version of the song, which will be released globally on Monday.

“The song is a call to men to actively support women and stand up against those who restrict women’s rights and/or perpetuate patriarchal abuse around the world. I am so happy to partner with One Billion Rising to bring this message far and wide.” – Ryan Amador

“When I heard this song I was so moved to hear a man openly, with pride and joy, publicly declare his desire to be more like a woman. It felt like a game changer.” - Eve Ensler

Celebrate International Women’s Day: Listen, post your own tribute to the women in your life, get involved. Invite the men in your life to join the movement. RISE on #IWD2019 and every day. Visit like-a-woman.org

#InternationalWomensDay #1BillionRising #DismantlePatriarchy #UntilTheViolenceStops #RyanAmador #KikeJimenez #SeanOConnell #EveEnsler

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This #IWD2019, I’m calling on the men in my life (TAG A FEW) to RISE for women’s leadership with #LikeAWoman. Watch the video, and join the movement to end violence against all women and girls like-a-woman.org #1BillionRising

This International Women’s Day, I call on all men who want to make a difference to celebrate the women in their lives, reflect on their own relationship to patriarchy, and RISE. Watch “Like a Woman” and upload your own tribute videos for the women in your life, visit like-a-woman.org #IWD2019 #1BillionRising

Love this new song by @VDay, @RyanAmadorMusic, and @HananMusic: #LikeAWoman. Celebrate International Women’s Day by listening and posting your own tribute to the women in your life! RISE on #IWD2019 like-a-woman.org #1BillionRising

Strong like a woman? Compassionate like a woman? Creative like a woman? There’s so much to celebrate this #IWD2019, including the latest release from @VDAY and #1BillionRising, #LikeAWoman, by @RyanAmadorMusic. Get involved at like-a-woman.org

This #IWD2019 I’m calling in other men who want to make a difference! What can we do to celebrate the women in our life? How can we support them and help make a difference? Check out #LikeAWoman by @RyanAmador, create your own tributes, spread the word, and get involved at like-a-woman.org #1BillionRising

“I want to own what I believe. I’ll be as brave as a woman. Lift my faith to the women who carry us all.” Check out the new song/video #LikeAWoman by @RyanAmador #1BillionRising at like-a-woman.org and RISE on #IWD2019

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